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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a passport?

Get an application at the Post Office. Allow several months for processing

Do I need an International Drivers License to drive in Europe?

You should have one. They are easily attained at AAA

I have dietary restrictions. Should I be concerned about dining abroad?

Be prepared. Know how to communicate your needs in that specific language. For example, my daughter is a celiac and carries a card to communicate in the kitchen. Spain and Portugal are required to have menus in English. Europeans are very aware of food allergies, but communication is the key.

Do I need to speak the language of the country?

Most people at major sites speak English, but if you get off the beaten path, you may have to become creative. People appreciate your effort to speak their language -- so learn some phrases.

What precautions should I take with my medications?

Take enough for the entire trip and do not send them through with your luggage - carry them on board. It is not a bad idea to bring a copy of your prescription. Pharmacists have more freedom than those in the States - they can actually give you antibiotics w/out a prescription.

What steps should I take to safeguard myself and my valuables?

Be wary of people (especially children) who come up to you in the street and try to sell you something. They may be a front for a pickpocket. Leave your valuables at home or in the safe in the hotel. You can purchase a small pouch to hold your credit card / curency that tucks under your shirt or into your slacks. Anywhere there are people shoulder to shoulder, pickpockets are at work. Never give your passport to anyone - except to the desk clerk when you register at the hotel.

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